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132 USA Soccer Team Låtar & amp; Football Chants

Fotbollslag spelar i USA National Teams, USA

591 We Love Ya! And that's the way we like it! Spellista
1565 World Cup Chants - USA A 2 minute compilation of the best international chants in the archive for USA - the perfect sound track for your World Cup! Spellista
1631 Come on US, Score a Goal A cheer in hopes of a late winner Spellista
3045 We Watch for the Boys What support is all about - to cheer on your team Spellista
3382 3 Points for the Boys A winner! World Cup 2014 Spellista
3428 He Goes by the Name of Clint Dempsey! He Goes By The Name Clint Dempsey
3950 USA (Claps) Ringtone material for any American soccer fan! Spellista
4716 Over There This was an American fight song during World War I written by Irving Berlin. It was used in a number of USMNT adverts leading up to South Africa 2010
5085 Bull... S*t! Sung when bad ref decisions are made Spellista
5126 God Bless America Originally written in 1918 - very patriotic song by Irving Berlin. He came up with it whilst serving in the army in New York Spellista
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5686 Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Very simple chant for the USA Spellista
6263 Woah USA Simple one - would make a good ringtone for anyone living in The States and wanting to support the USA national football team Spellista
6831 Cos We Support the US ...and that's the way we like it. We love you USA! Spellista
8253 Adu! Freddy Adu chant Spellista
8684 Oh When the Yanks Uncle Sam's Army are coming again... Spellista
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